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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Welcome to the Adventure

I am Christa René. Geof and I decided to create this parallel blog to chronicle our adventures. We have adventures every day. Our adventures are often hilarious, at least to us; sometimes mundane, because we're boring and poor; occasionally sad, because life; and rarely angry, we will try to spare you from the most terrible with extreme vagueness, most likely. One thing you can count on: always the stories will be true-to-life and honest (At least on my side, cuz I'm better at not caring what people think - sorry in advance for the cussing that will fill this blog, I'm not really sorry). 

There may be days when one, both or neither of us write, but we shall attempt to chronicle as often as possible, even when our adventures are the mundane of shopping and Netflix with ice cream. 

And now, I'd like to officially welcome you to this parallel blog, Moto-Cycling is Pawsible (Us): the adventures of a motorcycling artist and her baseball nut cyclist! <-fake name because it's funny and true.

The parallel to this blog can be found at pawsible-moto-cycling-he.blogspot.com

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