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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

I Have the Hiccups (this has literally nothing to do with the post)

 The most annoying parts about being the DM are (in no particular order): trying to answer a question that you weren't prepared to have to answer; attempting, on the fly, to rearrange how the story plays out when the characters do something that isn't written into the story (like wait until night when the story assumes they'll do a thing during the day); and when the characters play out a scene in a way which causes the NPCs to behave in a way that wasn't written into the story.

It was game night tonight. You probably gathered that already. 

I slept til 11 this morning. Had a nightmare that my friend tried to kill himself and I stopped him and cried a lot. I recall some of the details still, but not many. It's pretty fuzzy now. I texted him to make sure he was OK. He is. Anyway, at 11 I looked at my phone and saw that Geof wanted picked up for lunch by 11:30. It takes me at least 30 minutes to get ready and head out on the motorcycle, so I had no chill and wake up properly time. Plus I was all gassy and felt icky. So I had Evelyn prep the motorcycle and Geof's riding gear and I got myself up and moving and ready to go. Managed to get there just about 11:35, I think? So I am proud of that. Then I had to spend his entire lunch hour on the toilet. Yay for IBS. Then took him to work and when I got home I chatted with mom a while. I talked to mom about the fact that Geof and I would like to have the whole house (parents who live downstairs and us upstairs) start wearing masks all the time, cuz it would lessen the possibility of getting EVERYONE sick if one of us ends up getting ill.

When talking to my mom, a conversation quickly passes the time. We ended up chatting about all sorts of things and then mom wanted me to help her learn how to post pictures on Facebook. So I did. I explained all the pertinent information about sharing vs stealing a photo. How to share to a group or post directly to a group. All the things. Then she started spinning her wool while we chatted and it just went on and on until it was time to get Geof. He had to call me and be like, "are you going to come get me?" and I had to be like, "oh yeah, I suppose so." So I went to pick him up and we got home in time for GAME NIGHT!

Geof just brought me my meds. I forgot to take them today. Oops...Glad he brought them or I'd have missed taking them today and that would've been bad! All good tho. Back to game night.

Everyone was ready on time tonight, except Geof. :P Love you Geof! The game went well, I think. We'll pick back up next week at the top of battle round 4.

After gaming Geof came in (we game in separate rooms cuz Skype and feedback) and we had ice cream (Ben and Jerry's, which is the best ice cream. Fight me.). 

I'm hungry again now. I don't want to get up, though, so guess it will have to wait til tomorrow or until Geof decides he needs a snack hehe. Love you Geof!!!

Good night for now, peoples. 💛💛

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