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Sunday, October 4, 2020

The Grind

 My last post was the 29th, which means it's been 5 days again. What the fuck? 

I'm tired today. I don't know if I have the mental capacity for this shit, but I'm gonna try.

Here goes:

Wednesday was game day, but we ended up canceling because one of the players wasn't going to make it and the adventuring group is currently only 4-strong, so any kind of battling could potentially just wipe the group entirely. Because we cancelled, I was able to prep for this week's game, though, so good came of it. I think game prep was basically all I did that day. I don't remember if anything else of note happened.

Thursday I did game prep again and probably little else except work that night. 

Friday I did more game prep then Goef and I rode to the eye doctor and did eye doctor-y things. After that we rode to the bank and then Scheel's to get Geof a replacement pair of really warm winter gloves (his previous pair got chewed up by Tucker). After Scheel's we went home and prepped for shopping. We did the shopping then came home and basically just crashed. I did some more game prep before sleeping, so I was up 'til like 3 am doing that.

Saturday I got up at 5 am for work and worked til 7 pm. Came home and manipulated Tucker's new harness. Opened my package that had my new straps for tying things down on the motorcycle, and edited them as well (needed them to be shorter for ease of use). THEN I went to bed around midnight or 1 am or some-such.

This morning up again at 5 (the ride this morning was fucking brutal cold), worked til 3 (had to sing on the ride home to keep from dozing or becoming distracted), home to sit on the toilet a while (undiagnosed irritable bowel syndrome), then buzzed my hair, bathed (dozed off during, cuz tired as fuck and really warm/hot water don't mix without sleep) then crashed on the bed. I'm so fucking out of it lol, and now I realize why. It was basically a fucking grind, man. Damn.

On the plus side, I don't have to work tomorrow, so I'll sleep until I wake up and hope it's enough. I'm already ready for gaming, so I won't have to do any of that. Maybe it'll be nice enough to ride and I'll get up and out of the house for a bit. Guess we'll see when we get there!

I get a new mask in the mail tomorrow, so I'll not have to be around people @work more than today without a solid N95-level mask. Which reminds me that I didn't remember to mention that my mask broke yesterday. 

It broke at the end of the day, so I only had to be around one person without the good one that day, but I forgot to give myself time to try hot gluing it back together before I had to crash, so I went without it today as well. I only had to be around a few people, and thankfully all wore masks, so I'm probably going to be fine, but I hate exposing myself more than necessary. My replacement mask is designed for industrial work, so hoping it will all fit properly and such, so I won't have to go another day without. I will definitely need something N95 quality before work on Thursday night regardless, because NO ONE WEARS MASKS THERE...ugh. Since we've suddenly ended up on this topic, I'm going to just keep going on my tangent. I found out that the virus could potentially (in a poorly ventilated, indoor space) remain viable in the air for up to an HOUR! People are so clueless, and so many think it's nothing, but we hardly know anything about this virus, and what we do know is bad news (it can effect your brain, people, along with all your other organs. It's not something to dismiss lightly.). We have zero information about the long term effects of this thing, and we won't for literally YEARS. Is it really worth the risk? For me it's not. So I'll be sure to post pictures when my new mask arrives. :) 

Happy breathing, ya'll.

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