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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Burn, Baby Burn! ...Ouch...

It's almost 4 am, Wednesday November 4. I just got off work nearly an hour ago, and I've not yet slept. My last post was October 30. I've been recovering from pretty extreme sleep deprivation the last several days. Maybe I'll finally feel back to normal, sleep-wise, when I wake up (hopefully not before noon). 

On the 30th, after I finished submitting my last post, I spent some time perusing Amazon and researching pyrography tools and kits. I found the one I wanted and put it into the cart to save for later. I then told Geof about it and made sure to note that I did not intend for it to be a purchase for now, but for later. I then turned over to go to sleep. Unbeknownst to me, Geof decided to just purchase it outright. 

Separate back story: Don't know if I mentioned before, probably not, but I saw a cool artist fundraiser ad for the Brooklyn art museum. It involved purchasing a sketch book from them to fill up with art of basically any kind imaginable, then returning it by a certain deadline, if possible. The reward is that they'll take your art and put it into their museum of sketch books. If you purchase additionally to have it made digital, it gets uploaded to their online library. If you get it returned on time, it travels around the world in their bookmobile as well. I purchased one for myself and one for Evelyn to fill up. And added on the digital. Don't recall when this took place.

On the 31st, we did not celebrate Halloween. I worked as usual. While at work, I did some Amazon shopping for a new pill container to make our daily meds more convenient. What I immediately noticed, was that the pyrography kit I'd put in the cart, was not in the cart. I then checked the save for later section and it wasn't there either. So, to ensure I wasn't insane and that I truly had placed it into the cart, I checked the purchases. And I chuckled, cause Geof just can't help himself on my birthday. He decided it must be my birthday gift, even though the new phones was my birthday gift. I shan't complain, but I shall roll my eyes and smile every time. After work, we went shopping. I enjoyed seeing the costumed workers sprinkled around the store, and as always, I wished I was able to dress up in costume every day of the year. 

On the 1st, I worked again, as usual. Woke up less tired than I expected, thank you daylight savings (doesn't make me a fan of daylight savings; I think it's stupid and unnecessary and annoying). After work, I returned home to open up my new birthday gift, the pyrography kit, then I took it to BtG to show off to Nate. I had planned to stay a while, but as soon as I arrived, Geof texted that he just finished gaming (an hour early). So instead, I returned home to pick up Geof and we went to Omaha to pick up more of his new wool panties from Duluth trading. Then we used my birthday coupon for a dinner at Qdoba before returning home.  By the time we got home, the new pill organizer had arrived, so after a chat with mom and after showing off my new pyrography kit, I set to work changing our pills out of the old and into the new. The new container didn't fit; so I ended up getting distracted for basically the rest of the night cleaning and organizing the vanity, med cabinet, and another cabinet which holds other similar items, like surplus, hair care products and makeup. I removed a bunch of expired meds in the process. I'm still quite proud of how it all turned out and that I managed to do it at all (thank you Adderall).

On the 2nd, I had intended to put up a shelf in the bathroom, take the expired meds for destruction, and drop some mail at the post office. I received a call from the dentist, though, that they had an immediate opening, so instead I went to have my tooth fixed up and postponed the rest. After the dentist I handled the meds and mail before returning home. 

Did you know you can take expired meds to basically any CVS? If they can't take care of them there, they give you a prepaid mailer to send the meds off for destruction elsewhere. I thought it was cool.

I returned home after that and started working on the shelf I'd planned to put up. I had to go to Ace hardware to get all the supplies to attach it to the wall. Returned home with my supplies and realized I'd only purchased half of what I needed πŸ˜– (Rode Leila this whole time πŸ’›, but she was making unhappy noises, so I stopped after that and decided to have her fixed before riding again 😭). Mom was home though, so I stayed to chat with her a while and ended up going with her back to Ace to get the rest of the shelf supplies. After Ace, we dropped off Morty, my older brother's dog, back at his house before going to pick up Evelyn from her dad's. Once home, and after input from dad about what the wall was made of and which hardware I'd need, I set to work putting up the shelf (at this moment, I'd like you to take note that I placed the shelf at the height Geof suggested). I was able to finish and get it all cleaned up before bed time (ish). Once more, proud of my accomplishments for the day. I went to work that night and received a text from Geof that the cabinet was sturdily attached to the wall. He explained that he knew this because he knocked his head against it. I refer you back to the note you were supposed to take about who said to put the shelf at the height.

On the 3rd, I got up, forgot to take my meds (Geof forgot to put them out, which is our usual routine, so I blame him), and slowly got prepped to pick up Geof for lunch. We received in the mail the sketchbooks I ordered from the Brooklyn art museum, so I gave Evelyn hers and held onto mine to read later. Geof's new shoes arrived at Scheels, so we picked them up during lunch. After lunch I returned Geof to work and went to BtG to hang out. I finished reading about the set-up for my pyrography kit and perused the flyer that came with the sketch book. Then I watched Nate make art. I accomplished nothing this day, and had zero desire to do anything, probably because I forgot to take my meds. Once home, I took my meds, including an Adderall, ate dinner, and fell asleep. I awoke to my work alarm, dawdled about in bed before getting up and ready, then I went to work.

At 11:33 pm, while on patrol at work, I missed a step while walking down the stairs and twisted my ankle. I finished that patrol, and managed to convince a resident to bring me a bag of ice (thank God). I didn't patrol again, and I expect I'll likely be hobbling for a while, now. It's now 5 am, nearly my usual go to sleep time on a work night. I shall try, now, to sleep and hopefully wake no earlier than noon. After I wake, I'll hopefully have paperwork to complete for work; I'll almost certainly have edits to make to this post (man there were a lot more than I expected lol); and then I'd like to go to BtG for a bit while I do the boring prep work to get my pyrography kit ready for its first use. I very much want to cancel gaming and just play with my pyrography kit all night. And I just might do it too.

Ciao for now, my friends!

Edit: The editing happened after the BtG visit, and I didn't play with the pyrography pen today, apart from annealing the nibs, though, so I'll be able to start using it tomorrow. I think I'll anneal more of the nibs first, though. πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

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