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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Time flies y'all. I had just twisted my ankle last post. This post I'm finally walking on it for a decent stretch of time without severe consequences. It does still hurt though. Obviously it was pretty bad. 

I've had a couple opportunities to use my pyrography kit. I made a cute little plaque for Geof to use at work. I suppose it's actually for his new supervisor, so I'm glad she thinks it's awesome. 

I finally started working on Geof's painting again. I'm still working on it...it's on hiatus again, though. For now.

I'm working on setting up an online shop to sell all the stuff I make now. 

I got really distracted while writing this and forgot to post it and only just now came back to it and I don't remember what I had intended to write after all that, if anything, so I'm posting now and I'll come back to this again later when I remember it exists. My ankle is taking a lot of time to heal, btw...I probably sprained it pretty good. A friend suggested I use a cane so it doesn't get overly upset while I have to use it while I walk my patrols for work. I might get one. I don't know yet. 

Ok bye!