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Friday, October 30, 2020

Mental Health: Struggles, Secrets, Symptoms and how we Succeed Despite it All.

It's been a while since I last posted. Depending on your problem-solving skills, you might deduce at least one, maybe the only, reason why it's been so long. I will not be covering every day I've missed, I'll instead be summing up a small portion from the last week or so.

I need to preface this post, because it's probably not going to be my usual amazingly hilarious format (to whomever wishes to point out a decided lack of hilarity from any past posts, just hush). Factual details of the following post aside, it must be noted that Geof is an amazing person and I love him like crazy. I do not regret choosing him, and I doubt I ever will, regardless of the struggles we have. It's all just part of the adventure.

I don't recall whether I mentioned or not, but I am participating in an ADHD drug study. The study drug I'm on is no longer used for what it was originally created for, so it is being tested for ADHD. I presume it showed signs of helping with certain ADHD difficulties, maybe? Anyway, I digress.

And now to begin... 

First, my period started just before the weekend and I had probably the worst pain from it in a very long time. Pain meds didn't seem to touch the pain, and I had to work through it on Thursday night. It was basically a nightmare.

Over this last week, I began to notice Geof starting to get edgy and reactive. For instance, an increase of yelling over minor frustrations, intense and harsh body language (scary for me, causing me to jump or flinch), not usually directed toward me, but causing a very stressful environment. 

Friday, October 16, 2020

Parentheses {Are [Fun (Tools)]}: OMG I Just Realized I Didn't Cuss at All in This One!

 Geof finally wrote another blog post. It's taken him foreeeever...  (The link to his post is over there -->

So I figure I should probably write something too. I don't really know what I want to write yet, though. I knew what I wanted to write yesterday, but then I did something else instead of writing because I didn't feel like writing. So now I get to struggle to think of something to write. 

Thursday I did some drawing, but not on the drawing I was supposed to work on. And Geof brought his bike home with its new tubeless tires. I also removed the hard drive from the desk top computer I built in 2009, the last time I used the computer was 2013, and started transferring some of the personal stuff over to my external hard drive. I hope I can gather some of my old art work to potentially add to my gallery and/or for the purposes of making new art by using an already made base to manipulate. I plan to then delete as much of the personal stuff as I can from the hard drive before giving the computer to a friend whom I very much hope will benefit from it. I also spent some time talking with my mom. She asked me to mail a thing for her on Friday because she and dad decided short-notice to just go out camping. When Geof got home, we went to the Verizon store to get a sim card for my new phone and get it added to Geof's pre-pay account. We had set up Geof's new phone during lunch. I wasn't able to get my phone number ported over, though, which was annoying. Then I worked.

Today I slept as long as possible with way too much interruption. Then I got my phone number ported over and had to contact the other carrier to give me a new number and set back up my service, since it wasn't ended yet. Then we went shopping {on my way to meet Geof for shopping, I stopped at the post office for mom [you're welcome, mom! (I'm proud of me 'cause I remembered without anyone's reminders!)] then at the bank to deposit money}. It was a terrible time to go shopping. I was hungry the whole time. I ended up getting too many snack things because I was hungry. At the Hy-Vee check-out I got a Kit-Kat and started opening it, then realized I was wearing a mask, so I had to wait until I got outside to eat it. It was a huge bummer. Geof and the cashier were entertained though, so there's that. When we entered the Hy-Vee, a guy was walking behind us and I gave him a cart so he wouldn't have to wait for us. When we left, he was leaving at the same time and while passing us, he told a couple silly dad-jokes πŸ˜… 'cause he was feeling friendly πŸ’›. 

        Why did the cantaloupe jump into the lake?

                It wanted to be a watermelon.

        How do you get a 1-armed man out of a tree?

                Wave at him.

When we got home, we watched a couple episodes of The Good Place while we ate. Then we hung out and Geof wrote his blog post while I played with my phones, and now I'm writing MY blog post while he's watching bicycle stuff on YouTube. I should probably finish up here quickly, though 'cause I have work in the morning, which means waking up too early. I checked the weather, and it's not supposed to drop below 50, so it should be a decent ride in the morning. Which will be nice. 

I'm starting to feel tired, so maybe I'll be able to sleep a decent amount if I try now, so I'll catch ya'll later. πŸ’›πŸ’›

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

POP Goes the Weasel!

 Good evening all you gorgeous people! 

I tried "readership" instead, and it just sounded boring and lame, so I think "you gorgeous people," though more wordy, is much better suited.

Guess what! My new tights arrived! YAY!!

The style is called "Jane" (I've decided it's because it's "plain jane" cuz they're all solid colors and basic stitching) and the color is called "Tan" though I think the color is more like chocolate milk with way too much milk and not enough chocolate. I suppose the center photo kind of looks tan, but really they don't look tan.

On the subject of tights, my mom read my blog (hehe she reads my blog ya'll, she even had me put a button in her browser for quick access. So awesome! Moms rock.) and decided she wants to try out the tights I buy. Since I have a VIP membership, I was able to get some for her to try at a discount! It says fast shipping, so I think they should come within the week. I hope so at least. I'm excited.

Today is game day, and since we're still in the same dungeon, I was plenty prepared tonight 😊. It was fun except for the silly interruption of my early birthday present (from Geof) coming in the mail, and annoying internet connection issues. I think everyone had fun. 

My early birthday present was new Moto G Power phones for Geof and me. We also got a cool Bluetooth speaker for Evelyn since she loves listening to music while doing chores, and this will make it easier. And I got a bunch of adhesive backed vinyl sheets to cut stickers out of. I'll be doing it the old fashioned way, by hand, since I don't yet have a Cricut (I totally want one some day, but I have so many art toys already, it's just gonna have to wait). I probably wrote previously that Geof wants some question mark stickers in purple and white for his bike to commemorate The Riddler since Riddler is a brand of something or other on his bike. I'll also be using an orange sheet to make Mets and Orioles logo stickers for his bike. I'll have to get creative!

I meant to do some more drawing today but didn't get to it. I was tired this afternoon. So I'll try to sit down and focus on that tomorrow. I need to kick my motivation in high gear. I really think I need to get on some ADHD meds, 'cause some people say it helps a LOT. I'm beginning to wonder if the study drug I'm on is causing me to be more tired than usual. I seem to lack energy all the time. Maybe I'm just getting old...

Ooh! Important info! We voted today! I took all our ballots over and dropped them off at the Election Commissioner drop box. We got to teach Evelyn about what kinds of things are on a ballot and why. Reasons to vote for or against certain things. All the important civil info crap kids should learn. On that note, I think the voting age should be lowered to 16. And I think schools should make teaching the ins and outs of voting and why to vote and how to vote responsibly a major priority and begin teaching kids around age 6 or so. So by the time they are old enough to vote, it's been drilled into them how to research candidates and initiatives and all that shit. We have too many people who vote irresponsibly. Including myself, 'cause I'm sometimes just uncaring about certain aspects of government. If it's not obvious by now that we really shouldn't be, then, well...maybe we're all just dummy-heads.

I started watching The Good Place recently. I'm totally binging it while I'm at work. 'Cause I can. It's great TV. Totally worth watching. You should watch it if you don't already. I started it for two reasons. 1, I finished my Skin Wars binge. 2, tons of people and close friends kept telling me I should. I have not regretted my choice. I'm probably going to be disappointed when I get to the end. I always am when it's a good series.

Crazy info: I think we're down to 1 spoon in the house. I used one earlier today, then Evelyn came in and asked for it (I guess she couldn't find a different one), and then tonight Geof went off to Evelyn to get the same one again! Maybe we're gonna have to break down and actually wash dishes. 

I think with that, I'm gonna finish here and get a snack then go to bed. 

Catch ya on the flip side! πŸ’›πŸ’›

Monday, October 12, 2020

Damnit Facebook!

Damnit Facebook, why you gotta go and rile me up like this?!?

Alright, brace yourselves people, you're about to get to know some of Christa's opinions about some touchy subjects.

I am pro life AND pro choice. I firmly believe, based on scripture, that Elohim (the living God) is as well. I will not be changing my mind on this, nor will I argue with you if you attempt to argue. You're welcome to disagree and have your own opinions, but mine will not change. It's simply what I know to be true. 

Because of this, I have to say that the choice needs to be available. And as Geof pointed out in a Facebook post not long ago, even if our federal government makes abortion illegal, each individual state is still going to have it their own way. Removing abortion entirely is never going to happen. Making it illegal only makes it more likely that more women (and probably young girls) will die.

Why, when it only manages to cause more death, do we insist on making abortion illegal? Not only are people pushing to make abortion illegal, they're also pushing to make it more difficult to get contraceptives! Seriously, does anyone think at all before making decisions like this?! Taking away contraceptives increases STDs and unwanted pregnancy. Couple that with illegal abortion, and you have just significantly increased abortions overall and increased the likelihood that women and girls will die from unsafe abortions and/or unsafe abortion attempts. How can anyone think this is OK? 

Next touchy subject: Why, as proclaimed Christians, do you continue to insist on shaming people for their choices?

Do you even know what Christian means? It means follower of Christ. And if you aren't following his example, then what the fuck are you, really? You're not a Christian at that point, you're a religious person with a belief system based off of a book you don't really comprehend, and which you likely consider to be entirely flawless, despite being written by humans. It seems to me that, over time, "Christians" have come to worship a book and a religious system built around certain things written in said book, instead of living a life in a way that fits the example given by Yeshu'a, for how to live, and recorded in the aforementioned book. If we claim to follow him. Our ONLY job is to LOVE! The Beatles were totally onto something, you know. 

If we want to be examples of Yeshu'a to this world we live in, we have to step away from religion and what we think we know about "Christianity." Spending time with people we consider to be sinners, without doing or saying things that cause them to feel as though they are lesser. Love them. Acknowledge them where they are, and let them grow their own way and in their own time. Let them choose their own path. And continue to love them. We are not able to see into the hearts of people. It's not our job to judge what we think we see. It's our job to love. Each individual person knows where they stand with Elyon (God most high) and it is between only that person and El Roi (the God who sees me) whether they have changes to make in their life, and how they go about making those changes. It's our job to walk beside them, pick them up when they fall, forgive them when they need it, and continue to love them. In other words, it's our job to show them what it really means to be loved unconditionally. How is that even possible, you say? Well, it's not 'cause we live in an imperfect world, but it's worth the continued attempt. I suppose we'll just have to do our best. Hold ourselves accountable when we realize we've fucked up, and do our best to make amends when we can.


Now that I got that out of my system, let's see if I can catch you up on the days I neglected to write.

Friday: We went to Omaha! The plan was to go to Duluth to pick up some big-boy panties (Goef says I need to call them "fancy" panties) for Geof. They're made with moisture wicking materials, which makes them much more healthy to wear. Then to drop off Evelyn's school computer things from last year and pick up her new school computer things for this year. Then to have dinner. Then to meet my amazing friend, A. Jo. for driveway dessert and chatting. Unfortunately life things came up and the driveway and dessert had to be cancelled 😞. So we went to Duluth, did the school computer stuff trade, then went to Qdoba for dinner. The ride out was really windy. I assumed we must be riding into the wind. The ride back, however, was even MORE windy, so I knew we were DEFINITELY riding into the wind. Had to stop just before Lincoln to take a break, drink some Gatorade, and stretch. While we were stopped on the side of I 80, a huge group of motorcycles was going by and one or two guys were about to stop, so we waved them on so they knew we were OK. It's awesome to know someone's willing to stop to assist though! It made me happy. Friday was a great day. It ended well also.

Saturday: Worked most of the day. Finished @ 1900, and Geof asked if I'd meet him for shopping. So I rode out to meet him at Sam's just in time to check out, so assisted with that. We filled up the gas tanks next, then we went to Hy-Vee to finish the shopping. Geof had neglected to eat prior to shopping and was extremely testy. I ended up leaving before we finished shopping, 'cause despite any possible reasons behind certain behaviors, there's zero reason for me to allow myself to be treated poorly. 

Appropriate personal boundaries are healthy, and I don't care what anyone else thinks about that. If you want to talk to me and you can speak to me politely and calmly, I'll gladly stay to chat. If you start snapping at me, being rude, and treating me like shit, I'm walking the fuck away. 

The rest of Saturday night was tense, but didn't go negative again, so that was good.

Sunday: Worked in the morning. At some point during work, while picking at a plugged up pore on my bottom right eyelid (it's been there a while, not sure how long, but this weekend I couldn't keep from picking at it), it finally popped! I finished work @ 1500 and rode home. When I got home, Geof was cleaning his bike while the boys played outside. I put water into a bucket for them 'cause they looked thirsty. Put my work stuff inside, and chatted with my mom for a bit. She made some apple fritters with baked brown sugar frosting. They were delicious! She then put a couple on a paper plate with a couple Cuties and a napkin and asked me to take them across the street to a guy who was sitting at the corner with a cardboard sign. He'd been sitting there quite a while, so I also grabbed a Gatorade for him 'cause it was really hot out (nearly 90!). 

When I got back, Geof asked if I'd go with him to David City so he could check out the gravel roads he planned to bike during our trip next year. I, of course, said yes. So he started getting ready to go and I played with the boys for a bit with the hose. Tucker adores playing in the water! It's so funny to watch! After taking the boys inside, I hosed down Tucker's harness, 'cause he rolled around in the dirt while I was playing with him with the hose. I hung up his harness to dry, then we left for David City. 

I rested on the way, 'cause I was tired from getting up super early. When we reached David City, I got up to check out the park with Geof, since we needed to figure out where the camping sites were. They have a lovely and very large park. It was surprising, honestly. As we headed out of town, I asked Geof to stop somewhere so I could eat. We stopped at Subway. Turns out their Subway has a pizza place and an ice cream shop inside it as well. Crazy. So I masked up, walked in, saw the guy behind the counter had a mask, was pleased! Made the order, blah blah blah, about to be finished and 3 teens come in. None wearing a mask. When I notice, as I'm turning to leave, I can't get past with sufficient distance. I asked them to please give me some space to get out and made sure to tell them it was because none of them were wearing a mask. UGH. PEOPLE!!

Get home, shave Geof's head, and then buzz mine. While I'm buzzing my head, the wind hits so hard and fast it literally shakes the house! Crazy! At some point, while I'm about to start bathing, somehow what I say causes offense and suddenly it's Saturday night all over again. UGH. I cut it off so I could just finish my bath. While bathing, I realized I'd missed a portion while buzzing my hair, so I took a razor and adjusted it. I have no idea whether it turned out OK or not, 'cause I didn't ask Geof and I couldn't see it πŸ˜‚. When I left the bathroom, it was as if nothing had happened. I was too tired for anything at that point, though, so we watched the first episode of The Good Place and then I went to sleep.

Today is Indigenous Peoples Day. I just found out that they decided to keep the old name as well. I asked Geof why, and he said, "Because he's white." I see no other reason for it, so he's probably right.

Today started out brilliantly. We had breakfast around noon. Geof decided to put some clear vinyl on his bike in strategic locations to help protect the paint from chipping by rocks and let the dogs play a while. I ended up coming to help him, and he decided to turn the bike upside down to make it easier. While the bike was upside-down and I was putting vinyl on, Geof noticed that his rear derailleur was more messed up than he originally thought, so he wanted to take it to the bike shop today instead of riding, as he had originally intended to do. 

I rode Leila over to Monkey Wrench to meet Geof so he could ride back with me. Geof also decided to have his tires changed to tubeless, so Monkey Wrench will do that as well, while they have it. After we finished with the bike stuff, I suggested we go eat. We ate at Panera. I finished much more than I though I would. Next we came home and Geof left to get Evelyn from her dad's. 

My bottom right eyelid is sore from yesterday, but I think it's getting better. Oooh, forgot to mention that I also bought some clear, bendy navel rings. My navel piercing has been giving me fits whenever I wear clothing tight up against it. It gets really painful. So I switched to one of the new clear ones I got, but I chose one that doesn't have balls on the ends, to see if it worked. It ended up causing a sore, so I took it out yesterday morning and forgot to put a different one in right away. This afternoon I remembered to put one in with balls on the ends, so they shouldn't cause sores again. When I was trying to put it in, though, it wouldn't go through! I managed to get it through after some effort, but I think I'm going to have to find a way to stretch the hole so that a day without a ring won't close it up so tight that I can't get it back in. I wonder if something like that even exists...

On that note, I'm gonna be done here so I can start preparing for work. It's gonna be a late one tonight.

Ugh... someone help me find a business partner or three so I can get this damn business to start raking in the dough so I can start making my own work schedule and not have to be up til 3 am unless it's for making art!

Thursday, October 8, 2020

My Hair Feels Like Velvet.

Today was pretty basic. Apart from the normal "get Geof for lunch", I went to ACE hardware for a couple screws to attach a cushion to Leila's bitch seat. It was either stolen or fell off at some point, so had to order a new one. Then gave myself a blister while attaching it. 

Then I had to wait for my parent's delivery 'cause the delivery required a signature from an adult and mom & dad had to go sign bank paperwork 'cause the bank lost it πŸ™„. 

The delivery came less than 10 minutes after they left and only asked for my last name. I then opened it for them because it's just what I do. Plus I already knew what it was. It was blueberry mead and a couple glasses from Artivem Mead Co., my younger brother's new business. I took pictures for mom, you may enjoy them as well:

Then I spent some time in the bathroom for the IBS before picking up Geof from work.

Next was parent teacher conferences, which we did online. Evelyn isn't having any struggles, so they went very quickly. Geof and I decided to go out for motorcycle gas, fancy soda from Hy-Vee, and dinner from Qdoba afterwards. 

While at Hy-Vee Geof remembered that I have to work tonight. Unhappy reminder, but necessary. So ended up getting Qdoba to go and eating at home, which was probably the safest option anyway. 

Before heading to work Geof mentioned I have a delivery on its way from POP Fit Clothing. I signed up for their VIP membership, so each month I get a new pair of tights in the mail. I love their tights. They're slick and comfy, never see through and all of them have pockets! I also use tights under my clothes instead of underwear (underwear isn't healthy, so I stopped wearing it), so I have a few pair of shorts tights from them too. I'm excited to see what color is coming this time. Don't know how long they'll take to arrive, but I'll definitely update here when they do!

Anywho, I'm at work now. I'll be here till 3 am. I'm wearing my new mask (someone not wearing one just complimented it lol, wtf?). Unless people stop coming and going long enough, I'll probably not take it off all night (apart from my outdoor patrols). It's already uncomfortable, so we'll see how it goes. I'd much rather suffer than get my family sick, though, so it's a sacrifice I must make to protect my family. 

Did I mention we're planning to start wearing masks at home too? Should've been all along, but it's an annoyance and inconvenient. With as bad as it's getting here in Nebraska, though, I think we have little choice at this point. My chances of getting infected are high despite the mask, 'cause it can supposedly get in via eyes, so I just hope I stay lucky. 

As usual, few here @ work are wearing masks (none of the people who are partying in large groups and tiny apartments). All of Nebraska has basically decided, despite the extreme rise in cases, that the social distancing and mask wearing should be over. God help us all.


I feel like I failed to make today's post funny. I'm a massive failure, I know (and don't you fucking argue with me, I'm not nearly negative enough to actually believe that bullshit). I promise I might do better next time.

Ooooh! I might have something funny for you!! It's a Facebook conversation that's in process. I'll preface for you: There was that 7 hour stand-off in Eagle which I told you about. Well, in Facebook I didn't get nearly so snarky, but I did ask if the guy was white. This question hit a nerve in some Karen (just ignore her posted name, 'cause she's definitely Karen), and the following has come from it:

Ok, so maybe only funny to me. It's just so absurd to have someone call me racist πŸ˜‚. I feel like she's going to keep trying to press the issue. If she does, should I get a little crazy and say something to trigger her more? Or just ignore her? I so enjoy trolling... But maybe it's not a good idea here...? Give me input!!

Until next time, my peeps, go rub some velvet, cuz it's a lovely feeling. πŸ’›πŸ’›

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

I Have the Hiccups (this has literally nothing to do with the post)

 The most annoying parts about being the DM are (in no particular order): trying to answer a question that you weren't prepared to have to answer; attempting, on the fly, to rearrange how the story plays out when the characters do something that isn't written into the story (like wait until night when the story assumes they'll do a thing during the day); and when the characters play out a scene in a way which causes the NPCs to behave in a way that wasn't written into the story.

It was game night tonight. You probably gathered that already. 

I slept til 11 this morning. Had a nightmare that my friend tried to kill himself and I stopped him and cried a lot. I recall some of the details still, but not many. It's pretty fuzzy now. I texted him to make sure he was OK. He is. Anyway, at 11 I looked at my phone and saw that Geof wanted picked up for lunch by 11:30. It takes me at least 30 minutes to get ready and head out on the motorcycle, so I had no chill and wake up properly time. Plus I was all gassy and felt icky. So I had Evelyn prep the motorcycle and Geof's riding gear and I got myself up and moving and ready to go. Managed to get there just about 11:35, I think? So I am proud of that. Then I had to spend his entire lunch hour on the toilet. Yay for IBS. Then took him to work and when I got home I chatted with mom a while. I talked to mom about the fact that Geof and I would like to have the whole house (parents who live downstairs and us upstairs) start wearing masks all the time, cuz it would lessen the possibility of getting EVERYONE sick if one of us ends up getting ill.

When talking to my mom, a conversation quickly passes the time. We ended up chatting about all sorts of things and then mom wanted me to help her learn how to post pictures on Facebook. So I did. I explained all the pertinent information about sharing vs stealing a photo. How to share to a group or post directly to a group. All the things. Then she started spinning her wool while we chatted and it just went on and on until it was time to get Geof. He had to call me and be like, "are you going to come get me?" and I had to be like, "oh yeah, I suppose so." So I went to pick him up and we got home in time for GAME NIGHT!

Geof just brought me my meds. I forgot to take them today. Oops...Glad he brought them or I'd have missed taking them today and that would've been bad! All good tho. Back to game night.

Everyone was ready on time tonight, except Geof. :P Love you Geof! The game went well, I think. We'll pick back up next week at the top of battle round 4.

After gaming Geof came in (we game in separate rooms cuz Skype and feedback) and we had ice cream (Ben and Jerry's, which is the best ice cream. Fight me.). 

I'm hungry again now. I don't want to get up, though, so guess it will have to wait til tomorrow or until Geof decides he needs a snack hehe. Love you Geof!!!

Good night for now, peoples. πŸ’›πŸ’›

The Weird Things that Happen After Midnight:30.

It's midnight:30 and I decided I wanted to write.

I felt the need to do a bit of work on my gallery and then remembered that a commission I did a while back got abandoned, so I put it up for sale (If you are or know a Taurus who loves piranha, check it out in my gallery under "discount" then hit me up via Facebook Messenger if you are interested in purchasing. Happy to haggle, if you've got good reason, so share it with me!).

OMG! I totally just told someone, "You're welcome to politely fuck off now" and it was awesome! I said it 'cause the dumbshit was trying to argue facts with the master of factual argument, using assumption, redirection and opinion. Not the best idea. I ended the argument with that statement and basically letting them know I wasn't going to respond again. If said person decides to get nosey and stalkery, they could easily find this post, but I give no fucks. I'm proud of my win, and I don't care who knows it!

Speaking of wins, I'm also proud of being ready for tomorrow's (today's?) gaming session. I really hope we don't have to cancel for some unforeseen reason. 

Another win is that it's been in the 80's and is supposed to stay in the 80's for a while here, so great riding weather!! Weather great for riding is ALWAYS a win!

Crazy shit I just read on Facebook: apparently there was a 7 hour standoff in Eagle, NE (30 min or so from Lincoln) and when they finally went into the house there was no one there. I, like the great and awesome troll that I am, decided to ask if it was a white dude that the warrant was for, cuz it would make for great comparison. Like, if it's a warrant for a white dude, you don't enter the house, but instead have a 7 hour stand-off outside an empty house to make absolutely certain you don't risk killing the guy; but if it's a black dude, you don't even wait to make sure it's the CORRECT house, and you go in shooting, and get off scott-free when you kill an innocent civilian in the process. I say this knowing nothing about the entire situation, it just brought to mind all sorts of wonderful ideas detailing the disparity we see so often these days.

Oooooh, I just discovered a way to do multiplication that I think I could actually DO! It's called lattice multiplication. I never was able to fully memorize my times tables, so I always end up counting somehow anyway, this would just put it all in front of my eyes to more easily make sure it's correct. Crazy that I've never seen it before now. While researching how/why/whether it works, I stumbled on information saying that there are ways to learn math which don't require memorization, and I want to know why we don't use those here. Certainly it would help to never have to memorize shit and still be able to math!

This post is terribly disconnected and random. Welcome to what everyone in my life experiences from me because following the paths that connect all this craziness is just too complicated to explain. I'm getting tired again, and it's now 2 hours later, so I'm gonna try to sleep. 

Be a little crazy sometimes. It makes life more fun.

Monday, October 5, 2020

New Mask Day!

New mask day, woot woot!!

Please notice in the third photo how I match the super hero behind me. 

So I'm currently chilling at Behind the Glass. Check out this awesome ring that Nathaniel Hamel (10-Knuckle Nut Punch) made:

It looks like a mountain range inside! Can you believe this amazing, hand made, acrylic infused wood ring is only $100!?!? You should see all his awesome rings. He even makes them to order, and still only $100. Totally worth it. If you haven't ever been to Behind the Glass, you need to go! I have a few jewelry pieces on display there that you can get at extreme discount, if you purchase through him. πŸ’›

I can't think of anything else to say, so that's all you get for now. Ciao!

Sunday, October 4, 2020

The Grind

 My last post was the 29th, which means it's been 5 days again. What the fuck? 

I'm tired today. I don't know if I have the mental capacity for this shit, but I'm gonna try.

Here goes:

Wednesday was game day, but we ended up canceling because one of the players wasn't going to make it and the adventuring group is currently only 4-strong, so any kind of battling could potentially just wipe the group entirely. Because we cancelled, I was able to prep for this week's game, though, so good came of it. I think game prep was basically all I did that day. I don't remember if anything else of note happened.

Thursday I did game prep again and probably little else except work that night. 

Friday I did more game prep then Goef and I rode to the eye doctor and did eye doctor-y things. After that we rode to the bank and then Scheel's to get Geof a replacement pair of really warm winter gloves (his previous pair got chewed up by Tucker). After Scheel's we went home and prepped for shopping. We did the shopping then came home and basically just crashed. I did some more game prep before sleeping, so I was up 'til like 3 am doing that.

Saturday I got up at 5 am for work and worked til 7 pm. Came home and manipulated Tucker's new harness. Opened my package that had my new straps for tying things down on the motorcycle, and edited them as well (needed them to be shorter for ease of use). THEN I went to bed around midnight or 1 am or some-such.

This morning up again at 5 (the ride this morning was fucking brutal cold), worked til 3 (had to sing on the ride home to keep from dozing or becoming distracted), home to sit on the toilet a while (undiagnosed irritable bowel syndrome), then buzzed my hair, bathed (dozed off during, cuz tired as fuck and really warm/hot water don't mix without sleep) then crashed on the bed. I'm so fucking out of it lol, and now I realize why. It was basically a fucking grind, man. Damn.

On the plus side, I don't have to work tomorrow, so I'll sleep until I wake up and hope it's enough. I'm already ready for gaming, so I won't have to do any of that. Maybe it'll be nice enough to ride and I'll get up and out of the house for a bit. Guess we'll see when we get there!

I get a new mask in the mail tomorrow, so I'll not have to be around people @work more than today without a solid N95-level mask. Which reminds me that I didn't remember to mention that my mask broke yesterday. 

It broke at the end of the day, so I only had to be around one person without the good one that day, but I forgot to give myself time to try hot gluing it back together before I had to crash, so I went without it today as well. I only had to be around a few people, and thankfully all wore masks, so I'm probably going to be fine, but I hate exposing myself more than necessary. My replacement mask is designed for industrial work, so hoping it will all fit properly and such, so I won't have to go another day without. I will definitely need something N95 quality before work on Thursday night regardless, because NO ONE WEARS MASKS THERE...ugh. Since we've suddenly ended up on this topic, I'm going to just keep going on my tangent. I found out that the virus could potentially (in a poorly ventilated, indoor space) remain viable in the air for up to an HOUR! People are so clueless, and so many think it's nothing, but we hardly know anything about this virus, and what we do know is bad news (it can effect your brain, people, along with all your other organs. It's not something to dismiss lightly.). We have zero information about the long term effects of this thing, and we won't for literally YEARS. Is it really worth the risk? For me it's not. So I'll be sure to post pictures when my new mask arrives. :) 

Happy breathing, ya'll.