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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

The Weird Things that Happen After Midnight:30.

It's midnight:30 and I decided I wanted to write.

I felt the need to do a bit of work on my gallery and then remembered that a commission I did a while back got abandoned, so I put it up for sale (If you are or know a Taurus who loves piranha, check it out in my gallery under "discount" then hit me up via Facebook Messenger if you are interested in purchasing. Happy to haggle, if you've got good reason, so share it with me!).

OMG! I totally just told someone, "You're welcome to politely fuck off now" and it was awesome! I said it 'cause the dumbshit was trying to argue facts with the master of factual argument, using assumption, redirection and opinion. Not the best idea. I ended the argument with that statement and basically letting them know I wasn't going to respond again. If said person decides to get nosey and stalkery, they could easily find this post, but I give no fucks. I'm proud of my win, and I don't care who knows it!

Speaking of wins, I'm also proud of being ready for tomorrow's (today's?) gaming session. I really hope we don't have to cancel for some unforeseen reason. 

Another win is that it's been in the 80's and is supposed to stay in the 80's for a while here, so great riding weather!! Weather great for riding is ALWAYS a win!

Crazy shit I just read on Facebook: apparently there was a 7 hour standoff in Eagle, NE (30 min or so from Lincoln) and when they finally went into the house there was no one there. I, like the great and awesome troll that I am, decided to ask if it was a white dude that the warrant was for, cuz it would make for great comparison. Like, if it's a warrant for a white dude, you don't enter the house, but instead have a 7 hour stand-off outside an empty house to make absolutely certain you don't risk killing the guy; but if it's a black dude, you don't even wait to make sure it's the CORRECT house, and you go in shooting, and get off scott-free when you kill an innocent civilian in the process. I say this knowing nothing about the entire situation, it just brought to mind all sorts of wonderful ideas detailing the disparity we see so often these days.

Oooooh, I just discovered a way to do multiplication that I think I could actually DO! It's called lattice multiplication. I never was able to fully memorize my times tables, so I always end up counting somehow anyway, this would just put it all in front of my eyes to more easily make sure it's correct. Crazy that I've never seen it before now. While researching how/why/whether it works, I stumbled on information saying that there are ways to learn math which don't require memorization, and I want to know why we don't use those here. Certainly it would help to never have to memorize shit and still be able to math!

This post is terribly disconnected and random. Welcome to what everyone in my life experiences from me because following the paths that connect all this craziness is just too complicated to explain. I'm getting tired again, and it's now 2 hours later, so I'm gonna try to sleep. 

Be a little crazy sometimes. It makes life more fun.

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