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Monday, October 12, 2020

Damnit Facebook!

Damnit Facebook, why you gotta go and rile me up like this?!?

Alright, brace yourselves people, you're about to get to know some of Christa's opinions about some touchy subjects.

I am pro life AND pro choice. I firmly believe, based on scripture, that Elohim (the living God) is as well. I will not be changing my mind on this, nor will I argue with you if you attempt to argue. You're welcome to disagree and have your own opinions, but mine will not change. It's simply what I know to be true. 

Because of this, I have to say that the choice needs to be available. And as Geof pointed out in a Facebook post not long ago, even if our federal government makes abortion illegal, each individual state is still going to have it their own way. Removing abortion entirely is never going to happen. Making it illegal only makes it more likely that more women (and probably young girls) will die.

Why, when it only manages to cause more death, do we insist on making abortion illegal? Not only are people pushing to make abortion illegal, they're also pushing to make it more difficult to get contraceptives! Seriously, does anyone think at all before making decisions like this?! Taking away contraceptives increases STDs and unwanted pregnancy. Couple that with illegal abortion, and you have just significantly increased abortions overall and increased the likelihood that women and girls will die from unsafe abortions and/or unsafe abortion attempts. How can anyone think this is OK? 

Next touchy subject: Why, as proclaimed Christians, do you continue to insist on shaming people for their choices?

Do you even know what Christian means? It means follower of Christ. And if you aren't following his example, then what the fuck are you, really? You're not a Christian at that point, you're a religious person with a belief system based off of a book you don't really comprehend, and which you likely consider to be entirely flawless, despite being written by humans. It seems to me that, over time, "Christians" have come to worship a book and a religious system built around certain things written in said book, instead of living a life in a way that fits the example given by Yeshu'a, for how to live, and recorded in the aforementioned book. If we claim to follow him. Our ONLY job is to LOVE! The Beatles were totally onto something, you know. 

If we want to be examples of Yeshu'a to this world we live in, we have to step away from religion and what we think we know about "Christianity." Spending time with people we consider to be sinners, without doing or saying things that cause them to feel as though they are lesser. Love them. Acknowledge them where they are, and let them grow their own way and in their own time. Let them choose their own path. And continue to love them. We are not able to see into the hearts of people. It's not our job to judge what we think we see. It's our job to love. Each individual person knows where they stand with Elyon (God most high) and it is between only that person and El Roi (the God who sees me) whether they have changes to make in their life, and how they go about making those changes. It's our job to walk beside them, pick them up when they fall, forgive them when they need it, and continue to love them. In other words, it's our job to show them what it really means to be loved unconditionally. How is that even possible, you say? Well, it's not 'cause we live in an imperfect world, but it's worth the continued attempt. I suppose we'll just have to do our best. Hold ourselves accountable when we realize we've fucked up, and do our best to make amends when we can.


Now that I got that out of my system, let's see if I can catch you up on the days I neglected to write.

Friday: We went to Omaha! The plan was to go to Duluth to pick up some big-boy panties (Goef says I need to call them "fancy" panties) for Geof. They're made with moisture wicking materials, which makes them much more healthy to wear. Then to drop off Evelyn's school computer things from last year and pick up her new school computer things for this year. Then to have dinner. Then to meet my amazing friend, A. Jo. for driveway dessert and chatting. Unfortunately life things came up and the driveway and dessert had to be cancelled 😞. So we went to Duluth, did the school computer stuff trade, then went to Qdoba for dinner. The ride out was really windy. I assumed we must be riding into the wind. The ride back, however, was even MORE windy, so I knew we were DEFINITELY riding into the wind. Had to stop just before Lincoln to take a break, drink some Gatorade, and stretch. While we were stopped on the side of I 80, a huge group of motorcycles was going by and one or two guys were about to stop, so we waved them on so they knew we were OK. It's awesome to know someone's willing to stop to assist though! It made me happy. Friday was a great day. It ended well also.

Saturday: Worked most of the day. Finished @ 1900, and Geof asked if I'd meet him for shopping. So I rode out to meet him at Sam's just in time to check out, so assisted with that. We filled up the gas tanks next, then we went to Hy-Vee to finish the shopping. Geof had neglected to eat prior to shopping and was extremely testy. I ended up leaving before we finished shopping, 'cause despite any possible reasons behind certain behaviors, there's zero reason for me to allow myself to be treated poorly. 

Appropriate personal boundaries are healthy, and I don't care what anyone else thinks about that. If you want to talk to me and you can speak to me politely and calmly, I'll gladly stay to chat. If you start snapping at me, being rude, and treating me like shit, I'm walking the fuck away. 

The rest of Saturday night was tense, but didn't go negative again, so that was good.

Sunday: Worked in the morning. At some point during work, while picking at a plugged up pore on my bottom right eyelid (it's been there a while, not sure how long, but this weekend I couldn't keep from picking at it), it finally popped! I finished work @ 1500 and rode home. When I got home, Geof was cleaning his bike while the boys played outside. I put water into a bucket for them 'cause they looked thirsty. Put my work stuff inside, and chatted with my mom for a bit. She made some apple fritters with baked brown sugar frosting. They were delicious! She then put a couple on a paper plate with a couple Cuties and a napkin and asked me to take them across the street to a guy who was sitting at the corner with a cardboard sign. He'd been sitting there quite a while, so I also grabbed a Gatorade for him 'cause it was really hot out (nearly 90!). 

When I got back, Geof asked if I'd go with him to David City so he could check out the gravel roads he planned to bike during our trip next year. I, of course, said yes. So he started getting ready to go and I played with the boys for a bit with the hose. Tucker adores playing in the water! It's so funny to watch! After taking the boys inside, I hosed down Tucker's harness, 'cause he rolled around in the dirt while I was playing with him with the hose. I hung up his harness to dry, then we left for David City. 

I rested on the way, 'cause I was tired from getting up super early. When we reached David City, I got up to check out the park with Geof, since we needed to figure out where the camping sites were. They have a lovely and very large park. It was surprising, honestly. As we headed out of town, I asked Geof to stop somewhere so I could eat. We stopped at Subway. Turns out their Subway has a pizza place and an ice cream shop inside it as well. Crazy. So I masked up, walked in, saw the guy behind the counter had a mask, was pleased! Made the order, blah blah blah, about to be finished and 3 teens come in. None wearing a mask. When I notice, as I'm turning to leave, I can't get past with sufficient distance. I asked them to please give me some space to get out and made sure to tell them it was because none of them were wearing a mask. UGH. PEOPLE!!

Get home, shave Geof's head, and then buzz mine. While I'm buzzing my head, the wind hits so hard and fast it literally shakes the house! Crazy! At some point, while I'm about to start bathing, somehow what I say causes offense and suddenly it's Saturday night all over again. UGH. I cut it off so I could just finish my bath. While bathing, I realized I'd missed a portion while buzzing my hair, so I took a razor and adjusted it. I have no idea whether it turned out OK or not, 'cause I didn't ask Geof and I couldn't see it 😂. When I left the bathroom, it was as if nothing had happened. I was too tired for anything at that point, though, so we watched the first episode of The Good Place and then I went to sleep.

Today is Indigenous Peoples Day. I just found out that they decided to keep the old name as well. I asked Geof why, and he said, "Because he's white." I see no other reason for it, so he's probably right.

Today started out brilliantly. We had breakfast around noon. Geof decided to put some clear vinyl on his bike in strategic locations to help protect the paint from chipping by rocks and let the dogs play a while. I ended up coming to help him, and he decided to turn the bike upside down to make it easier. While the bike was upside-down and I was putting vinyl on, Geof noticed that his rear derailleur was more messed up than he originally thought, so he wanted to take it to the bike shop today instead of riding, as he had originally intended to do. 

I rode Leila over to Monkey Wrench to meet Geof so he could ride back with me. Geof also decided to have his tires changed to tubeless, so Monkey Wrench will do that as well, while they have it. After we finished with the bike stuff, I suggested we go eat. We ate at Panera. I finished much more than I though I would. Next we came home and Geof left to get Evelyn from her dad's. 

My bottom right eyelid is sore from yesterday, but I think it's getting better. Oooh, forgot to mention that I also bought some clear, bendy navel rings. My navel piercing has been giving me fits whenever I wear clothing tight up against it. It gets really painful. So I switched to one of the new clear ones I got, but I chose one that doesn't have balls on the ends, to see if it worked. It ended up causing a sore, so I took it out yesterday morning and forgot to put a different one in right away. This afternoon I remembered to put one in with balls on the ends, so they shouldn't cause sores again. When I was trying to put it in, though, it wouldn't go through! I managed to get it through after some effort, but I think I'm going to have to find a way to stretch the hole so that a day without a ring won't close it up so tight that I can't get it back in. I wonder if something like that even exists...

On that note, I'm gonna be done here so I can start preparing for work. It's gonna be a late one tonight.

Ugh... someone help me find a business partner or three so I can get this damn business to start raking in the dough so I can start making my own work schedule and not have to be up til 3 am unless it's for making art!

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